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About the international gay marriage agency “Bukovina Bromance”

Our gay marriage agency is operating in the gay dating business for last 25 years! Thanks our efforts more than 200 same-sex weddings have taken place. We provide only high-quality guys living in Ukraine - in small towns and villages. Therefore our guys are serious! All of them aren't spoiled by gay debauchery of huge megalopolises like London, Paris, New York or Barcelona.

Our guys are always sincere in their intentions to meet the man for life. We don't cooperate with scammers, professional daters, and other so-called "gold diggers". We chose for our agency only sincere and clean gay guys who can't find the serious partner in the small city or the village counting the high level of a homophobia in Ukraine.

Our agency was created to help the Ukrainian gay boys to find freedom and to find happiness. But our foreign clients are always satisfied by our young grooms: in the West you won't find such monogamous, serious, hardworking, responsible, faithful and handsome young guys. It is possible only in Ukraine where gay guys aren't corrupted by the industry for consumption of casual sex in enormous quantities.

We do care for the reputation of our gay marriage agency and we are very carefully selecting Ukrainian candidates for our online catalog. However it is necessary to remember that we need also the quality of our Western clients. It is no secret to anybody that there are many gay perverts from the Western countries, pretending to be true candidates for same-sex husbands, but having absolutely different aims in mind! We resolutely ban maniacs, sissies, other unworthy candidates from a possibility to use our gay dating services. If you are looking for an escort or coming to Ukraine as sex-tourist, then you are on the wrong place here.

We always supported and we are supporting real romantic meetings in Ukraine. We are not supporters of long-years correspondence because it is only a waste of time! One personal meeting brings always more positive results than years of correspondence. Therefore we prepare romantic meetings in Ukraine so that our foreign client doesn't neet to put any efforts excepting flight to our country. We'll prepare everything for his happiness here. In Ukraine there are many young handsome straight-looking and acting well-educated gay guys in the search of life partner. We offer only the best of them! Undoubtedly, we'll help you during your stay in Chernivtsi: we will meet you at Lviv airport, we'll rent the apartment for you, we will provide you with the gay guide and the gay translator... And the most important - thanks us you'll be able to meet the greatest love of whole your life face to face!

You needed only to take the first step towards your great happiness! For this purpose it is necessary to choose the right guy of your dreams from our online catalog and to write him your first introduction letter. It is absolutely free of charge for you! There are NO any costs! There are no any obligations for you! So decide and change your destiny for better right now!

Be happy!

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