Ostap from Hertsa District, Chernivtsi Region of Ukraine

Boy's ID: CNS4117
Age 25 y.o. Zodiac Sign Libra
Height 176 cm Weight 75 kgs
Hair Color Colored Eyes Color Brown
Education Level Bachelors Degree Occupation Agriculture
Hobbies Reading, Exhibitions, Crafts, Skiing, Theater
Alcohol I drink on big holidays like Easter or Xmas. Smoking I smoke with my friends.
Cock 17 cm, thick and uncircumcised
Sexual Role Top Versatile Sexual Needs Once a day
His Introduction Certainly, my man must be loving, caring and supporting. I can’t imagine my future life without his love. I want to love and to be loved. After several disappointments in intimate life I won’t put my future under the risk again. You should prove the seriousness of your intensions before we talk about something. For me an ideal man is responsible, serious-minded, and of course I must be sure that I can rely on him. In case you feel it’s written about you do not hesitate to write me detailed message.
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