Vladyslav from Kitsman District, Chernivtsi Region of Ukraine

Boy's ID: CNS4120
Age 21 y.o. Zodiac Sign Cancer
Height 173 cm Weight 77 kgs
Hair Color Dark Blond Eyes Color Blue
Education Level Bachelors Degree Occupation Security Service
Hobbies Gardening, Traveling, Watching Sports, Collecting Stamps, Running
Alcohol I drink socially. Smoking I smoke socially.
Cock 18 cm, average and uncircumcised
Sexual Role Bottom - Passive Sexual Needs Several times a day
His Introduction I believe that silly fucking does not achieve anything, sweet kisses at a difficult time will not help … But the greatest joy you need to share with someone you want to have beside you. And it’s better to deal with adequate gay people and real true mean instead of sexual obsessed morons and drama queens. What am I doing here if I can fuck anywhere else? I am looking for a decent man who is neither queen nor moron. I do will share all the joys of this life with him, but he must be ready to do the same with me!
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