Frequent Questions and Answers

Frequent Questions and Answers

Question: Why should I use the match-making services of gay marriage agency if there are many of mobile applications like Grindr or Hornet where it is possible to find the partner for gay sex quickly?

Answer: Of course, you can use mobile applications and find one-night sex! Moreover, you can have 5 - 10 gay lovers a day but for sex only. Mobile gay apps, the websites for gay speed-dating, gay personal ads - all those things are intended only for one purpose: to help you to find a hard dick or hungry butt! They won't help you in the search of the life partnerbecause Grindr & Co. are Butcher shop. There are ugly genitals and huges assholes anxious waiting for gay sex - empty, mentally sick maniacs! The sexually obsessed gay guys are setting the trands on the gay-scene nowadays. Crazy perverts rule! By means of mobile apps and the other websites for fast "love" you will meet AIDS and syphilis, instead of the life partner and your second half for the rest of life. If you like to act that way, move forward further: you shouldn't use our gay marriage agency at all! But if you look for a serious genuine same-sex relationship, for the devoted and loyal life partner, for the faithful and devoted husband, then you are located on the right site now!

Question: Why do such beautiful gay young men come to the gay marriage agency? In the West they would have thousands of admirers without any help of gay websites or other gay dating services!!!

Answer: It is all about the high level of a homophobia inside Ukraine. Here the intimate life is hard even for heterosexual people because our society has extremely traditional religious (Orthodox) values. Over 80 percent of the population of Ukraine see in gay men the dangerous perverts, who seduce children, destroy family values, reduce birth rate, break public morals. Young men of Ukraine with homosexual orientation are forced to hide the truth about themselves. They are not able to be themselves as their age-mates in the Western world. They can't find the partner in their homeland. And therefore they come to our gay matchmaking agency with request to help them in their search of the life partner abroad.

Question: Why do your young men want to find the partner abroad?

Answer: The main reason is described above - the high level of a homophobia in Ukraine. In our country if two guys share one apartment, public opinion (the neighbors) doesn't doze! Immediately there will be complaints to their employer or college administration that those two men live together. They will be subjected to condemnation, and even to physical abuse by homophobic citizens as a matter of fact.

It is necessary to say that the participation of the young man in our agency catalog doesn't mean that he looks only for the foreigner life partner. There were several cases when our guys met the destiny here, in Ukraine. And, despite counteraction of society, they decided to establish the same-sex family in their homeland. Then we moved away them from our catalog, wishing them good luck in private life, family pleasures, magnificent matrimonial sex in Ukraine. We are always glad when two gay hearts meet. And it is unimportant whether there was the Ukrainian groom or the Western groom. Love knows no borders!

Question: What reasonable age difference between me and the young man from Ukraine?

Answer: Of course, such thins are individual. It also depends on many factors. However, on the basis of our experience in gay marriage business, the reasonable age difference is 25 - 30 years. At the same time the mature man has to behave as the mature man, but not pretend to be the 20-year-old young boy. Our guys don't accept such silly behavior or (that it is even worse) as the fem. The man has to be solid, self-assured, reliable. And most important: the man has to take care of his young love. It is traditionally viewed in Ukraine that the senior takes care of younger one. And if you want a relationship as equals though the young man is 20 years old, and you are 60 years old, then search other agencies.

Question: It is considered to be that young gay men hunt older rich men. Say, in your agency it is so?

Answer: The big delusion is to think that money and love are connected. Our young men are romantics in soul. They don't look for wealth, luxury, full life in the West. As gays, they look for the country where peole don't humilate the sexual minorities. As for wealth - that it is very relative. The average salary in Ukraine is about 320 US dollars a month. Therefore even the poor American or the poor European will seem like the real millionaire for the Ukrainian young guy. But don't think that you will be able to buy love and to build a good relationship, shaking your thick purse. With the Ukrainian young guys it won't work! You have to be the real man with deep soul, sense of humour, intelligence and education. Nobody needs monocelled amoebas therefore be prepared for a meeting accordingly to communicate with your boy. And money has no influence on your success.

Question: How can I be sure that your young gay guys really want to create same-sex marriage? If I take the young boy with me to the West where is guarantee that he won't leave me after he see thousands of admirers around him in my country?

Answer: Everything depends on how you will behave at home. If the young boy feels that you really love him, that you don't betray him with numerous Western lovers, that you behavior is balanced and is adequate, then the young boy will never leave you. He will be devoted and faithful only to you because in Ukraine it is traditionally so. We have a different society therefore people build a family once in life as swans. And if there is no aggression, no treason, no inadequate attacks to the life partner from Ukraine, the young boy will be with you together forever - until the end of life.

Question: Is it necessary to be the member of your gay marriage agency to use your services?

Answer: No! No membership required for you if you don't want to use our "Matchmaker" service. In all other cases you just need to write the introduction letter to the Ukrainian gay guy from our website, and the correspondence between you and him will be established. Of course, the guy has to want you too. Our guys don't respond to silly letters like "Hi! How are you?" Therefore qualitatively prepare your first introduction letter: tell about yourself, about your strong and weak traits of character, a little about your life and also about what kind of life partner is necessary for you.

Question: How many letters do I need to write in order to meet the young guy?

Answer: Correspondence is not the end in itself! You may not write letters at all, except your first introduction letter. Moreover, if the young boy becomes interested in you, you may fly to Ukraine immediately to meet him here in person. Our gay marriage agency will help you to organize a meeting under any circumstances. However it is necessary to remember that you look for the guy for the rest of your life, and not for one night stands. Therefore we advise you to get acquainted with your boy better and closer. And serious correspondence will be good help for this purpose. Neither messengers, nor phone calls. All of modern communication media are intended for quick exchange of one-two phrases. At the same time people can't get acquainted enought with each other through them. And in this situation the old-fashioned letters are quite great matter! Through the letters you will be able to learn inner world of your biy: how he lives, how he perceive the good and evil, about his character, his personality, his positive and negative features. Only in real letters it is hard to hide. Therefore there is no minimum quantity of letters you have to exchange. If you want - come to Ukraine immediately. But don't be surprised afterwards if your personality and the personality of your possible groom do not suddenly match.

Question: Will you help me with the preparation of my romantic tour to Ukraine?

Answer: We will make everything that your tour to Ukraine is extremely pleasant! We will organize your transfer from/to the airport, rent the apartment or hotel room, provide the gay translator, optionally provide gay guide and gay-friendly driver with his own car... We'll do our best that your visit and your acquaintance achive five stars level.

Question: I would like to rent the car in Ukraine. What company will you recommend me?

Answer: Don't rent the car in Ukraine at all! We will provide you with driver who owns a car. You can use city taxi or public transport if you don't need driver. But there are so many road accidents in Ukraine that even if you follow traffic regulations it doesn't guarantee that you won't break the car. Other people do not follow them!

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